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A Pathfinder 2e actual play podcast!

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  1. Goblin Bonus Ep 1 | Who's Squash?

    We step away from our normal adventure for a lighthearted distraction as goblins as our DM John is preparing for a move across the country. Buckle up! ...


  2. S1 E14 | Large Marge's Barge

    Our boating adventure continues!! ...


  3. S1 E13 | Beary Thicc

    The gang goes a-boating ...


  4. S1 E12 | Canonically, Greta

    The boys are back, and this time in the right order! Sorry for the missing episode for a couple days, let's blame technical difficulties and not human error, ok? Thanks, I knew you'd understand :) ...


  5. S1 E11 | A muddy time to cry

    We get down and dirty for a good clean time! Head's up, abrupt ending due to surprise important phone call that interrupted us. ...